Our company has an experience of over 15 years and has a professional staff. For the success of our activity, we owe you many clients who are very satisfied by the services and reliability.

The experience of this profession made us to be most wanted! So let us stand by you in difficult moments and sad of your life.

Allow us to take your concerns too.

The transfer of bodies from European countries as Homeland (Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia East), made with more modern vehicles and fully air-conditioning, bathroom, and aircraft. We offer you numerous choices as example: Regulation of relevant documents for the transfer of the corpse, the casket upon request ordering and religious rituals.

Transfer of remains to the homeland made by all European countries as:

• Germany
• Switzerland
• Austria
• Slovenia
• Luxembourg
• Netherlands
• Belgium
• France
• Italy
• Norway
• Denmark
• Sweden etc..

24 Hours at your service.